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Client Testimonials

Adam carried out some work for us recently at an event to launch our new jewellery collection at our Flagship boutique in Manchester’s Trafford Centre. Adam was extremely professional and friendly making all the staff and customers feel at ease while he worked. His photos were fantastic and really managed to capture the glamour of the evening.

Nicholas Jones. Regional Sales & Key Account Manage, UK & Ireland; Thomas Sabo

Adam has a great insight into what is required, puts everyone at ease, and is professional and approachable at all times. Thoroughly recommended!

 Ian Townsend. Northern Elastic Theatre Company 

Adam Young’s photography for us is nothing short of brilliant, its rare to find a photographer who can capture the energy and excitement of a live theatre performance in a still photo but that’s exactly what he does. His photos for our recent play ‘M’ were stunning and we can’t wait to work with him again on our next play. Simply, one of the best around.

Craig Hepworth, Adele Stanhope, Karl Burge; Vertigo Theatre Productions

Adam is first choice for all our look book and fashion photography requirements. He is the photographer that best captures the ethos of our brand. We envisage a long-working relationship.

Danny Costello – Co-Founder: Dead Legacy Clothing.

Photography, Love it.  

Brendan B.Brown; Wheatus

Dude! Great shot!

Ryan Key, Yellowcard

Top photo!  

Richard Boucher, Funeral For A Friend 

Adam is a great guy and a brilliant photographer/videographer. I had the pleasure of working with him on band photos for my group Authority Zero, as well as he shot a music video for one of my solo project tunes called ‘Hey Kid’. Look forward to doing more with him in the future.

Jason DeVore. Singer/Songwriter & Front man of Authority Zero

Adam, nice work sir.

Gustav Wood; Young Guns

‘’Awesome photo!’’

Chris ‘The Bear’ Hutka; The Bunny The Bear 

Hey Adam, you’re production is a classy piece of filming, simple and not forced. The lighting is warm and with the music going on in the background there’s an energy to the piece. I’ve done a lot of interviews and I always feel nervous and uncomfortable with that goddamn video camera red light staring me in the face. It’s like saying to me whatever comes out of you’re mouth better be golden Martin…ugh. But that wasn’t the case here. The whole relaxed vibe of the interview was a natural experience for me…like talking to a friend. Thanks-E

Eric Martin, Mr. Big

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