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On Stage: Best Photo Award|International Winner (Bowling for Soup)

So for the first time, since the egg & spoon race of ’93, I’ve actually won an award!  Thanks to Lyan, from for selecting my image as On Stage International Winner for February 2016.


The above live photograph was taken inside Manchester Academy 1 at Bowling for Soups original farewell tour.

I still feel very fortunate to be able to have taken this shot from the stage – enabeling me to capture the band members distinctive silhouette’s in front of Manchester’s sell out audience.

You can see the full listing here: Best Photo Award| International Winner|On Stage |February 2016. 

I’d also like to thank lead singer Jaret Reddick for being kind enough to give me this amazing opportunity and Tour Manager David Hale for taking the time to make this happen.

You can check out the band and keep up to date with their current UK Tour here:

Thanks guys!

Adam \m/

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